One of Sweden’s biggest scientific bluffs

Thomas Erikson 2014. Creative Commons CA 3.0 How Swedes were fooled by one of the biggest scientific bluffs of our time Dan Katz, licensed psychologist and psycho­therapist, explains why Thomas Erikson’s success with his book Surrounded by Idiots is one of the biggest pseudoscience scandals in recent history. Over the last few years, hundreds of … Continued

The Secular Foxhole (podcast), 12 oktober 2023

Positive News Sandwich, Stats, Support, Give-Away, Spreading the Good Word Utdrag (ca 00:04:45): [Martin Lindeskog] “I went to the Book Fair today. I went to the booth where they call themselves ‘skeptics’. They say they are for education for the so-called masses, in a positive way. But also for science. But he had a t-shirt … Continued

Brian Deer – About the doctor who fooled the world

En intervju med Brian Deer, journalisten som avslöjade Andrew Wakefields bedrägliga forskning som felaktigt kopplade MMR-vaccinet till autism. Han berättar historien om Wakefield och framför även berättigad kritik mot peer review-systemet.  An interview with Brian Deer, the journalist that exposed Andrew Wakefield’s fraudulent research that falsely linked the MMR vaccine with autism. He tells the … Continued

The Times, 17 januari 2023

Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton hailed for riffs on history Utdrag: “Last week the Swedish Sceptics’ Association (VoF) named the band its ‘enlightener of the year’, an award usually reserved for writers and broadcasters popularising rigorous research.” […] “However, VoF said Sabaton could keep the prize because the band had denounced the Russian invasion of … Continued

The Moshville Times, 10 januari 2023

Sabaton receives The Swedish Skeptics Association’s ‘Enlightener Of The Year Award 2022’  Utdrag: “The Swedish Skeptics Association have hand-picked Sabaton specifically for their ability to deliver factual content, expressing that they stand out from their contemporaries and peers in the music scene for their dedication to giving truthful, historical accounts with the assistance of qualified … Continued, 10 januari 2023

Sabaton receives The Swedish Skeptics Association’s prestigious “Enlightener of the Year Award 2022” Utdrag: “We are beyond proud to announce that The Swedish Skeptics Association (Vetenskap och Folkbildning) has awarded us the ‘Enlightener of the Year Award 2022’ (‘Årets Folkbildare 2022’) making us the FIRST EVER ROCK BAND to receive this prestigious accolade.”

VoF 40 år, Pontus Böckman

The Swedish Skeptics Association was founded 40 years ago, in 1982. Pontus Böckman, president of the S.S.A, gives a brief history of the organisation’s past, present and future. The talk was given at the Gothenburg Book fair 2022.

Skeptics in the Pub – Online: The Adventures of Richard Saunders

[This event was held in English] The Great Australian Psychic Prediction Project Richard Saunders, Australian skeptic of the internationally acclaimed podcast the Skeptic Zone fame, tells us about his adventures and decades’ long experiences of Skepticism, pseudoscience and quacks. He will also go into depth of the results of the recently finished psychic prediction project. … Continued

Vetenskap och Folkbildning