The Swedish Skeptics Association has over the years often received inquiries regarding superstition and pseudoscientific beliefs in Sweden. There has been some research in this area, but there has not been any comprehensive study on the attitudes of the Swedish population regarding science, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and the supernatural. False ideas, both historically and today have in many cases led to disastrous consequences. To achieve a deeper knowledge of how Swedes today relate to these questions, VoF (aka the Swedish Skeptic Association) commissioned Demoskop to carry out an opinion poll in the early summer of 2015. The results are shared in this study.

This survey covers a wide range of issues regarding VoF’s areas of interest. The report is divided into four categories:

  • Science treats both scientifically established facts such as evolution and global warming as well as scientifically refuted phenomena such as dowsing and electrical hypersensitivity.
  • Conspiracy theories involve some of today’s most common conspiracy theories, such as that the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001 was orchestrated by the US government, or that there are intentional emissions of so-called chemtrails to control the public.
  • Medicine and Health discusses common alternative medical practices such as acupuncture, healing and homeopathy, as well as attitude to GMOs, vaccines, and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Faith and the Supernatural looks at beliefs in ghosts, gods, reincarnation, fate, creationism and astrology.

Download here: The VoF-study 2015

Vetenskap och Folkbildning
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