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Philippe Longchamps – Teaching Critical Thinking in an Era of Disinformation

Skeptics in the Pub – Online: Teaching Critical Thinking in an Era of Disinformation.
This event is in english!

Philippe Longchamps is a French-Canadian teacher who has sailed up as somewhat of a celebrity in education in 2020, not just in Sweden where he is based. Recipient of the Swedish award “Teacher of the Year” in 2020, his burning passion is critical thinking and how to convey that do his students. All his lessons incorporate this in one way or another. Philippe looks at everything from sales and marketing to sports and arts and his personal experience from attending a Catholic boarding school, both for inspiration and for examples of what not to do. He also collaborates internationally with a number of resources and organizations.
In his lecture Philippe will talk about the importance of developing teenagers’ critical thinking skills as an integral part of any school curriculum. He will provide examples from his methods to generate a constructive debate and discussion. There will be opportunities for the attendees to ask questions and interact online during the event.

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